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How to Use

To download a game, simply find the game you want to download on Miniclip, copy the URL of the page and paste it into the textbox below and hit the download button;it's that easy!



Miniclip Downloader is a web based scraper for games found on Miniclip website that is designed for kids who wants to play Miniclip Games on directly on their pc and of course for arcade webmasters who want to download the games and re-upload on their host server for better speed. Miniclip Downloader will automatically find the embedded game and allow you to download it, either in its original format or compressed to a ZIP file.

How to play Miniclip games on PC?

To play Miniclip games on your PC you can download and install KMPlayer, this software supports flash technology.
Download KMPlayer: click here.

Why some games can't be downloaded? is designed to download only flash games (with .swf extension only).

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